If you get arrested, what’s next? Want to get out of jail? How about if someone you love gets arrested? Do you really know how to get them out of jail right now?

Trust in San Marcos Bail Bonds

San Marcos Bail Bonds serving the San Marcos, Texas, area knows precisely how to help you when the worst happens to you or your loved ones.

We provide a 24/7 jail release bail bond service that is both affordable and quick for defendants. 24 hours a day we will be happy to take your call and go through the process with you.

If you’ve been arrested for possession of Marijuana (POM), Theft, possession of controlled substance (POCS), Assault, or any other charge we know how to get you out of jail.

Our bail bondsman is approved for Hays County and we are in your vicinity right by the San Marcos courthouse.

San Marcos Bail Bonds is a family-owned business locally owned and operated. The system is sometimes very bewildering. We are here to help you!